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ABSPD Module 1 – Week 2

Camilla Fellas ABSPD M1 Week 2 – Sketches

Happy Monday! It's time for another update on week 2 (last week) of my time doing The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design Module 1.

The theme of the week was sketching and got us exploring different styles and mediums again, exploring the idea of keeping a sketchbook and different ways to do that and how to develop your own style which is really important to me. Although I'm able to work in quite a variety of different styles, I always feel personally that a distinctive style is something my work lacks and would benefit from. Something that makes my work recognisably mine. From evaluating the work I've been doing on the course and thinking back to work I've done over the years though, one thing that is apparent to me is my love of texture. 

A lot of my early graphic design work on the computer involved textures and layering up of those textures to create depth to my work. While at university we were encouraged to go for a more stripped back and simplistic approach which is how I have been working ever since but I've really enjoyed the process of creating my own textures to use for my work and it feels somewhat like I have come full circle (but with a bit more knowledge and a discerning eye for what I'm creating – or at least I hope that is the case!) Below are a couple of images of old work that I created at college for my photography and graphics A levels – pattern and texture have been with me for quite a while!

Camilla Fellas ABSPD Old Work 1

Camilla Fellas ABSPD Old Work 2

Other elements that are very apparent in work that I create personally and other works that I like are the theme of nature and colour wise I am drawn to what I like to call 'light and bright' which ranges from pastel to bright colour – I am not very drawn to dark or 'heavy' colours whatsoever. Evaluating my preferences is already helping me identify my personal style but the actual development of my own style is going to take a lot more experimentation and practice which is the fun part! In the latter part of last week I had a go at turned two very different styles of sketching that I had created earlier in the week, into a couple of patterns and using textures I created in week 1. The key for me creating these patterns though was not to force it, to just see what came easier to me and let them flow out onto the screen (I scanned the drawings in to use in Adobe Illustrator).

Camilla Fellas Pattern ABSPD M1

Camilla Fellas Pattern ABSPD M1

The interesting thing I found is that during the initial sketching phase of the course I found the rough style a lot easier and I actually found it somewhat difficult to stay 'neat and tidy' with my drawings. However, once scanned into the computer, I found it much easier to utilise the 'neat and tidy' sketches to create a pattern (see the pink one above). For me it seemed to come together more naturally whereas I struggled to make the rougher sketches into something I was happy with (the blue one, above). I'm quite interested in this odd contrast so I'm going to keep experimenting to see if I continue to be drawn more to one method than the other or whether some kind of happy medium is created. To have no real inkling where it is going to go or how my work is going to end up looking is really exciting!

This past week has been extremely busy juggling the course alongside my other projects though as a book I have designed was in the final stages and is looking likely that it was be able to go to press later today or tomorrow. Hopefully later this year I'll be able to share more with you about it because it is a lovely biography about Dame Rosemary Murray which has been a very inspiring read and enjoyable book to design to say the least!

I'll be back next week with an update on how the course is going but until then, have a lovely week!

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