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Wild new summer designs

Camilla Fellas Tribal Collage

We're now through the second set of briefs for summer school and it's been another challenging two weeks for me! Read on to see my new designs.

This time round the briefs were way out of my comfort zone – they weren't a subject matter I would usually tackle so that was a big challenge to see what I could come up with. However, by the end of the briefs I came up with something different that I'm happy with which was good! The entire galleries for the second set of briefs can now be viewed here: Summer School Galleries Brief 2. You'll find my designs on the first and second pages of each gallery.

The overall theme this week was confluence, meaning the act or process of merging so it was a meld of the given themes alongside keeping them contemporary and fresh. Onto the designs!

Beginner brief 2: Tribal Shapes

Camilla Fellas Tribal Shapes Pattern

Intermediate brief 2: Animal Print (mocked up onto a tote bag)

Camilla Fellas Animal Print Pattern

Camilla Fellas Animal Print Mockup

Advanced brief 2: Tribal Collage (mocked up onto children's storage boxes)

Camilla Fellas Tribal Collage Pattern

Camilla Fellas Tribal Collage Mockup

Overall I was really pleased with my designs and I think with some slight tweaking at a later date, they could make the start of a really interesting collection! What do you think?

I also have another new piece of work to share with you which I have completed as part of Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search. The task was to create a piece of wall art on the theme of Terrariums and had to include at least one word.  There was 999 entries in total and a huge gallery of all the entries is going to go live which I'll share when it does. This was my entry and I'm really happy with the way it turned out as I tried a few different techniques while still in keeping with my own style. I hope you all like it, I'd love to hear what you think! 

Camilla Fellas GTS entry

 Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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