Camilla Fellas

Hello, I'm Camilla, thank you for visiting my site! I'm a 20-something creative living in Norfolk, UK. This site has been in existence in some form or other since 2001 when I first started experimenting with graphics and websites so my dad bought me this domain to play with (thanks dad!) It's seen lots of different incarnations from being a personal blog to portfolio for my graphic design work and photography work. After a little time away from doing more traditional graphic design, I have found my love once again for the craft and begun creating all kinds of artworks once again that I hope to share in this space.

It's been a long road to get to this point as I've explored so many parts of art and design but the past year (writing this at the beginning of 2018) has taught me that life is too short, too unexpected, to be unhappy or to try and be something I'm not. I was never going to be this super confident, slick designer working in a studio in the big city, I'm way too much of a homebody for that and love being near my family and the coast far too much.

So here's to me being me, quirks and all (and believe me, there's a lot of quirks!) Maybe I'll get round to including some of them on this page later!

Hope you like my work! Keep up with all the new creations over on the blog, Facebook or Instagram!


I learnt to write cursive from my Grandad when I was 9 and have loved calligraphy and typography ever since.


A bit of a magpie, I'm drawn to shiny, sparkly things. Can't go wrong with a bit of glitter or iridescence!

Craft Lover

I love learning new skills and trying out different crafts - I'll have a go at anything, which means that I'm a dab hand at DIY too.

Fair Weather

Being a little bit Greek Cypriot means I feel the cold way too easily. I'm definitely a fair weather girl!

Camilla Fellas Design creates vibrant and joyful designs, prints and products to bring colour and cheer into your home and life. With creative designs covering a wide range of themes and genres, all designed by Camilla's own fair (left) hand! So whether you are looking for a fun art print for your walls, a beautiful personalised gift for someone or anything in between, we've got you covered.