Camilla Fellas

Hello, I'm Camilla, based in Norfolk, UK. Thanks so much for stopping by!

As a child, I loved books. My mum called me a book monster due to the rate I devoured them. I loved getting lost in stories and spent countless hours reading, writing and dreaming up my own books.

Going through school, it became apparent that I was highly skilled in graphic design. Imagine my surprise when I realised I could design books as a living! It felt like a revelation to me. I pursued design through college and university where I studied BA (Hons) Design for Publishing and MA Communication Design.

Jumping in at the deep end, I started working freelance as a book designer for an independent specialist book publisher. I learnt so much during this time but life had other plans for me and I took a few detours to hone my skills and to learn some new ones. My twenties were a time filled with exploration and growth.


But eventually, a series of (unfortunate) events culminated in me being at another turning point in my life. I found myself yearning to be back working with books but this time, it would be on my own terms and following my own passions. I founded Tecassia with the intention of moving back into book design but I've built it into so much more than that. Through Tecassia, Not only do I design beautiful books but I help coach authors and business owners looking to write their books in the Writing Circle, I do ghostwriting and co-publish a select amount of books each year. I love my job and the people I work with.

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I Love Shelties

Not satisfied with doing just one thing, I combined my love of shelties (shetland sheepdogs) with my design skills to create an exclusive (and growing) product range that is available on I Love Shelties. It is my hope over time that it grows into a valuable resource of information as well as an exciting shop!

If that was enough, I'm delighted to be the co-founder of two amazing collaborations.

It's Our Time

2020 has been the strangest year and has turned society upside down. The consequences will be far reaching and game changing. The It's Our Time Movement, seeks to create a platform for inspirational, holistic leaders to step into the light and show us a new way forward. Initially taking the form of a Summit and online magazine, we're setting the stage for change across so many channels, medias and formats. I'm honoured to be co-founder of this movement as it truly will be a game changer!

Get Visible With Video

In these strange, locked down times, we're suddenly realising the importance of human connection. This hits small businesses hard because their ability to interact with customers has been almost completely curbed with everyone having to move their businesses online (or work around social distancing measures). Putting your business online can lose that human element which is where video comes in. Video consumption rises by 100% every year but for a small business it can be hard to come up with ideas for ways to use video on a daily basis. Enter my lightbulb moment: Get Visible With Video! We're creating a 30 day challenge of prompts with ideas of what to talk about each day for your business. The prompts are geared towards small businesses but open ended enough to suit most products or service based businesses with ease. From the challenge, we're creating a supportive group to give people a safe and comfortable place to practice and hone their presentation skills as well as developing further prompts for a year's worth of content and confidence, presentation and other useful training.

I can even do guest expert masterclasses and can do public speaking and training based on my expertise.

Phew! All in all, it leads me to be pretty busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

So take a look around at some of the great work I do. If you'd like to find out more or work with me in any capacity, you can always contact me, or even just say hi!

Camilla Fellas is a visionary creative working primarily in the book design and publishing industry. Founder of Tecassia & I Love Shelties. Co-Founder of It's Our Time & Get Visible With Video.