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Saturday, 03 February 2018 16:23

Reigniting my love of design

Following on from my previous post where I talked about how I became burnt out by graphic design, I found myself exploring other areas of the craft that weren't so restrictive. I delved into surface pattern design briefly but as this came right when I was feeling fed up of it all, I didn't pursue it as much as I possibly could have and instead I decided to build upon my other passion, photography. However, despite working on establishing my own photography business, I've often found myself still doing bits and pieces of graphic design - mainly small personal projects or making things for friends. It wasn't until one particular piece I created though, that I felt the pull grab me again and had that obsession to keep on creating.

At the very end of last year (2017), right on Christmas Eve in fact, my cousin got engaged! Considering I only have two cousins and I'm the eldest of us three, it was a pretty special moment. I immediately wanted to get a card and gift to congratulate the happy couple and set about thinking what on earth I could get. I loved the idea of something personalised but wasn't sure what  and everything I had seen online wasn't quite right. I had recently been designing some wedding invitations for a friend so I started to consider designing or making something myself but once again, drew a blank.

Fast forward a few days and I'm trying to find homes for all the Christmas gifts and I was up in the "not quite office and more like a junk room", fighting with one of our sets of drawers which has a habit of never closing when I noticed what was on top in the drawer - it was a personalised piece of word art we received for our wedding as a gift. The frame had broken so I'd put it in the office to measure the size and at some point, it got shoved in the drawer. Immediately I thought it could be a nice idea for my cousin and her fiancé so I started looking online.

Unfortunately, what I found online wasn't a great selection. The designs were all computer generated on plain white backgrounds and everything looked the same. What's more, they all looked boring and void of personality and I knew I could come up with something better. I'd received a lovely full set of watercolours for Christmas just itching to come out of the packaging too so it seemed like the stars were aligning...

The Life Cloud, Handlettered by Camilla Fellas

The Life Cloud, Handlettered by Camilla Fellas

And luckily they did! Doesn't it look fab?

As soon as I put brush and pencil to paper, everything just seemed to flow which is when I know I'm onto a good thing. I was so thrilled with how the design came out (and so was the newly engaged couple!) It seemed to marry up so many of my interests and loves, of words, painting, design and calligraphy and it was like an obsession. It sparked off a million ideas and I've been creating new designs left, right and centre for family and friends. They are so all-encompassing and really help to get me out of my head which has been so helpful over the past few weeks (more on that in another post).

And so, my desire to keep creating more and more has brought me to this point. I'm really eager to keep doing them so hopefully there's some people out there equally unsatisfied all the computerised designs so that I can create some more. I've got tons of ideas that I can't wait to get down on paper so watch this space.

Until next time,

Camilla x



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