Dakota Jenkins

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Hello, I'm Camilla, thank you for visiting my site! I'm a 20-something photographer living in Norfolk, UK. This site has been in existence in some form or other since 2001. I first started experimenting with graphics and websites way back then so my dad bought me this domain to play with (thanks dad!) It's seen lots of different incarnations from being a personal blog to portfolio for my graphic design work back when I freelanced in graphic design. Most recently it's been a place for me to post personal photography work and other things I'm interested in that don't fit on my professional photography website (Jamiri Photography if you're interested).

Aside from some of my personal photography work, I'm developing a blog on this site that documents the stories of my family both past and present. Family is incredibly important to me and I love listening to the colourful stories of my grandad's life so I decided it was time to start keeping a record of them. There'll be a mixture of stories from my family history, our current adventures and other general things I'm interested in.

The majority of photos are taken by me (unless I'm in them!) Recent photos are on my Canon 5D MIII, iPhone and film photos taken by me are with a Canon EOS 300. Older film photos from when I was young are mostly taken by my parents though I did start taking photos myself when I was about 11 but that's a story for another day.

Hope you enjoy reading our stories! Keep up with our adventures over on the blog, Facebook or Instagram!