Dog Agility

Being a big dog lover, dogs have always featured in my photography throughout the years. I've trained my dogs in obedience since I was about 7 but recently decided to take up agility with my latest dog and was asked by my agility club to do some photography for some of their shows and demos. This was an exciting challenge due to the complex courses and fast pace of the dogs so here is a selection of my efforts.
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-1
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-2
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-3
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-4
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-5
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-6
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-7
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-8
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-9
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-10
  • Camilla-Fellas-Photography-Dog-Agility-11