Get Visible With Video v3In these strange, locked down times, we're suddenly realising the importance of human connection. This hits small businesses hard because their ability to interact with customers has been almost completely curbed with everyone having to move their businesses online (or work around social distancing measures). Putting your business online can lose that human element which is where video comes in.

Video consumption rises by 100% every year but for a small business it can be hard to come up with ideas for ways to use video on a daily basis. Enter my lightbulb moment: Get Visible With Video! We're creating a 30 day challenge of prompts with ideas of what to talk about each day for your business. The prompts are geared towards small businesses but open ended enough to suit most products or service based businesses with ease.

From the challenge, we're creating a supportive group to give people a safe and comfortable place to practice and hone their presentation skills as well as developing further prompts for a year's worth of content and confidence, presentation and other useful training.

Camilla Fellas is a visionary creative working primarily in the book design and publishing industry. Founder of Tecassia & I Love Shelties. Co-Founder of It's Our Time & Get Visible With Video.